Who are the Seniors Vs Crime (SVC) Project volunteers ?
We refer to volunteers as a "Senior Sleuth". Senior Sleuths represent seniors who have retired from all walks of life, ranging from homemakers to rocket scientists - office workers, housewives, factory workers, bus drivers, secretaries, accountants, executives, retired attorneys, retired private investigators, retired civilian workers, retired law enforcement personnel, and a number of other professions. Statewide, every year volunteers contribute more that 35,000 man-hours assisting fellow seniors.

Qualifications/Requirements. Seniors who volunteer with the SVC Project have four basic requirements -1) they are age 50 or older, however younger volunteers are accepted, 2) they must have a genuine desire to help others, 3) they must have no criminal history, and of course, 4) they MUST agree to hold Seniors Vs Crime Project information strictly confidential, this includes the personal information of senior clients and fellow Sleuths. If you are interested in volunteering, the following will give you more insight into the organization.

What are the Working Hours for Volunteers? The Seniors Vs Crime Project Region 4 Offices ask that Volunteers work with the Office Manager to determine how to balance office staffing needs with the availability of the volunteer. Each Senior Sleuth determines her/his level of participation, however, active staff members work in the office 2-3 hours one day every week. Volunteers notify their Office Manager when they must have a week off so that another volunteer can be scheduled to work the absent volunteer's 2-3 hour shift.

Who do Senior Sleuths report to? 
The local Project Office Manager manages the local office staff. Project Office Managers may appoint a Deputy Manager who is in charge in their absence. Project Office Managers are empowered by the Project's leadership team and given full authority to manage their office with minimal oversight. Project Office Managers and Project Office Deputy Managers are volunteers from the Senior Sleuth ranks. The local Project Office Manager selects their Deputy Manager from Senior Sleuths in the office. Project Office Managers report to the Regional Director and are selected by the Regional Director from candidates in the local Project Office.

What is the Seniors Vs Crime Project Statewide Organization Structure ?
Six Directors report to the Project's Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors who are guided by the Project's directives from the Florida Attorney General. 
The Directors report to the Executive Director. There is a Director in each of the five Regions and a Director, Chief Information Officer. The Director, Chief Information Office is responsible for implementing internal cloud based applications and computer based processes. Each Director in the five Regions has a Deputy Regional Director, and the Executive Director has an Executive Assistant. These are the only salaried employees in the Seniors Vs Crime Project. Their priority is to support the organization's volunteer Office Managers and maintain a vigil to make sure the Attorney General's objectives are met.  Many of the Seniors Vs Crime Project's Directors have extensive law enforcement experience. They rarely intervene in local Project Office operations but serve as a sounding board for the Project Office Managers as the managers work through office and difficult case issues.