We would be excited to provide your group with a speaker !!

A primarily objective of the Seniors Vs Crime Project is to educate seniors on how to avoid being a victim by talking about the types of scam methods and how seniors might be vulnerable. There is no charge or fee for this service. Our speakers provide a relaxed non-formal talk, sharing recent case experiences.  For our Sleuths, sharing is exciting. We have volunteers who are very experienced in speaking to groups of all sizes, from 4 people to over 100. Sleuths who volunteer for speaking engagements are reimbursed by the Seniors Vs Crime Project.

Our Sleuths who have several months of experience working on cases in a Seniors Vs Crime Project Office are knowledgeable and can provide invaluable information to senior groups and/or caregivers about how a senior can avoid being a victim of a scam, cheats, financial thief, fraud, or assault/abuse. We have a few Volunteers who have experience working with seniors through other volunteer organizations and can add additional information to their presentation based on those previous experiences. 

Sleuths who speak to groups are volunteers. Some of our speakers are comfortable speaking to a small group of less than 10. Other speakers are comfortable with medium sized groups of 10-25 attendees, and some speakers are comfortable with large audiences that exceed 25 attendees, such as a July 4 meeting of American Veterans. When making your request, please provide the number of anticipated attendees and describe the event settings.

We also have Sleuths who are comfortable speaking on radio or television. Throughout the state we are often included in seniors education programs and asked to conduct seminars on senior crime prevention as part of a multi-day program. If the setting is in an environment where a more formal presentation with a projector and PowerPoint slides would be more appropriate, that can be arranged as well. Please let us know if you know of, or can arrange, one of these speaking opportunities.

If you have a specific interest that you would prefer that the presentation focus on, such as internet scams, telephone scams, door-to-door scams, dating scams, investment scams, irs scams, etc., please indicated your interest in your request.

Request for Presentation by Seniors Vs Crime