Seniors Vs Crime Founder Vern Thornton

Ret. Colonel Vern C. Thornton of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office became the first Director of Seniors Vs Crime. 

Vern is the author of "Not Today Buster" - The Senior Sleuth Story. This book provides the in-depth story behind the origin and the early years of the Seniors Vs Crime Project.

The other is "And Today Is Only Monday", the personal story of Vern Thornton from his childhood in New England to his role with the Florida Attorney General. 

"Not Today Buster!" by Vern Thornton

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"Not Today Buster!" tells the success story of the Florida Attorney General's Seniors vs. Crime Project and its army of Senior Sleuths. Started in 1989, with but four volunteers located in southeast Florida, the Project now boasts over 1,000 Senior Sleuths and can be found active all over the state.    Click to purchase at

""Not Today Buster!"   ISBN: 0595908012   ISBN13: 9780595908011  Not Today Buster!"  By: Vern Thornton Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.    Subject: United States   Format(s): Adobe PDF    Dowloadable as an ebook from Ereadable.   As a paperbook from Borders.  As a paperbook from Blackwell.  As a paperbook  from Saxo.


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Going back to the 1920s the book follows the life of a man in a small New England town as he gives up a secure government job to become a newspaper reporter, then an editor, with dramatic and often humorous accounts of events of the times. Hoodwinked into a new profession, this time in law enforcement, examine his career in Connecticut and Florida that followed. His final career takes him to the Florida Attorney General's office where he becomes founder of a nationally acclaimed program. But all is not just work in the life of this man. The second part of the book recalls his various world trips of unusual circumstances and when he meets some of the most fascinating people to be found anywhere.And Today is Only Monday: Reflections of Days Past by Vern Thornton
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated