Message from the Director Region 4

It has been two years since the 25th Anniversary of one of the most unique and successful volunteer programs in the nation - Seniors Vs Crime, a Special Project of the Florida Attorney General. If you haven't read the Attorney General's Press Release celebrating the Anniversary, you will find it on this website's home page. 

Again in 2014, senior volunteers accomplished exceptional achievements in the fight for Florida victims of scams and unethical business practices. For every hour that was volunteered, they recovered over $90 for their fellow seniors.  The Seniors vs. Crime Project Offices had a case clearance ratio of 62% of all “workable” cases reported. 

The dollars recovered and the clearance ratio are testaments to the quality of services provided by the Project.

Let me share a few more of the Senior Sleuth's impressive accomplishments from the 2014 Annual Report:

  • 4,822 new cases were reported to Project Offices in 2014 
  • 1,070 cases were “resolved to satisfaction”
  •    961 cases were “resolved with recovery” 
  • total real dollars recovered was $1,925,326
  • total realized gain was $1,297,315
  • 6,590 new requests for "assistance" - instances when a senior prefers for a Senior Sleuth to advise/coach them so that they can handle their own civil matter
  • 18,392 people interested in how to avoid senior scams attended 296 presentations by Senior Sleuths
  • In 2014, Senior Sleuths volunteers provided over 35,881 man hours of free service to assist Florida seniors 

Please take time to review both of our websites. From your visit to SeniorsVsCrime.Com, I would like you to gain a perspective of what we do, who we are, where we work, typical cases handled by our Senior Sleuths that demonstrate some of our seniors’ “routine” problems, and what part you could play in helping us with our mission to assist senior victims. 

One of the Project's primary missions is to educate Florida seniors. Knowledge is the most effective tool available to keep one safe - both physically and economically. Our second website is Scambusters University ( Scambusters University is devoted to providing a wealth of knowledge about how to avoid scams, about scams that are currently being perpetrated in Florida, and the website provides a wealth of research resources. There in a link to the site on the top right of this page. We want you to learn how to be safe from economic crimes though knowledge we present.

The Seniors vs. Crime Project is successful partially due to the outstanding support of the Attorney General and the strong partnerships being developed with law enforcement and senior services groups throughout the state. None of our success would have been possible without the quality work performed by our extraordinary Senior Sleuth volunteers. We know our success depends on our Senior Sleuth volunteers and their continued support.

I hope that during your visit you will decide to join the growing ranks of seniors who want to be involved in their own protection and in the protection of fellow seniors in our beautiful state of Florida. Enjoy your visit.


Steve Renico

Director, Region 4

Seniors Vs Crime